Surveillance And Private Investigation

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Private Investigators, often referred to as Private Detectives, Private Eyes, or PI’s are licensed by state where required by law, such as in Florida, and may be retained to perform a variety of investigational activities.  Many investigations agencies specialize in specific types of investigation.  At W&W Solutions, Inc., one of our specialties is surveillance.  Surveillance is simply defined by Wikipedia as “close observation of an individual or group”.

Surveillance by a Private Investigator is an art.   The surveillance investigator must have a keen eye, excellent observation skills, knowledge and possession of the proper equipment, as well as an an analytical mind.  The Licensed PI’s at W&W Solutions, Inc. are educated, trained, and have experience in using investigative methods, techniques, and equipment to most effectively conduct a surveillance investigation and monitor an individual’s activities.  It is not recommended to attempt to conduct your own investigation as it may easily complicate a personal or legal situation, and may be deemed inadmissible in a court setting. Private Investigator activities in regards to conduct and regard for the privacy of others is regulated by The FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Our investigators are educated to maintain accordance in abiding to the laws set forth in our profession.

Surveillance And Private Investigation

The Licensed Investigators at W&W Solutions perform surveillance work for (but not limited to):

  1. Insurance Fraud and Worker’s Compensation Fraud:  Our undercover covert surveillance operatives and staff work closely with insurance companies, insurance fraud defense attorneys, worker’s compensation attorneys, and business owners to investigate and identify false or exaggerated injury claims to promote cost containment and prevent crime within the industry.
  2. Infidelity/Cheating Spouse Investigation:  If you suspect that your partner or spouse may be cheating, the majority of the time your instincts are correct.  Most people desire concrete proof for peace of mind by validating their suspicions.
  3. Location of Missing Persons or Witnesses:  With use of investigative techniques, professional database usage, witness interviewing, and surveillance, our investigators may assist in the location of missing persons or witnesses.
  4. The obtaining of documented evidence for criminal or civil cases as it relates to a specific case.
  5. Settlement and Determination of Cohabitation:  If you are paying alimony to a former spouse and suspect cohabitation or other supportive care issues are involved, our investigators can gather evidence and work closely with your attorney to evaluate your former spouses living situation.
  6. Child Custody/Child Neglect:  Our investigators are skilled to discreetly track and monitor the activities of your spouse or former spouse to determine their activities in regard to improper or unlawful actions while your child/children are in their care.  We can also monitor their lifestyle, daily activities, living conditions, and persons which they associate with and perform background checks as indicated. We can also monitor activity while your child is in the care of a caregiver or nanny to identify for potential safety/negligent care issues.

Prior to beginning a surveillance case, we ask our potential clients to gather as much information as possible to assist in conducting their case by completing our Client Information Form and provide a recent photo of the subject(s) to be investigated when possible. Our Licensed Private Investigators are experienced in obtaining evidence via covert video and/or photographic evidence, as well as providing a comprehensive written report upon completion of each investigation. Please contact our agency for a free phone consultation regarding your case.

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