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Do you need to return to the work force and are in need to hire a person to look after your child, children, or a dependent adult who is in need of a caregiver? Hire a licensed Fort Myers FL area private investigator from W&W Solutions, Inc. to perform a thorough caregiver background investigation to promote safety and peace of mind.

At some time in our lives, most of us are going have to face making a decision regarding care for our loved ones; whether it be for your child, an ill or injured spouse, or aging parent who is no longer able to care for themselves. Unfortunately most people today cannot afford to drop their career and take an early retirement to be a full-time caregiver.

The majority of people feel more at ease in keeping their loved ones in their own environment where their surroundings are familiar, and their daily belongings are readily available.  Not to mention you have most likely taken precautions to create for the safest possible accommodations within the child or elder’s current surroundings; the alternative is to place an elder in a retirement or nursing home, daycare, or assisted living facility. For most, this is done as a last resort.

If you make the choice to hire a private caregiver, we recommend that you obtain a thorough background investigation of the individual by a licensed private investigator.  A licensed investigator utilizes databases which are not available to the general public along with other investigation resources to provide an extensive and thorough search of one’s background and criminal history (if any).

Once you decide on a promising candidate, if they will be transporting your loved one in a vehicle, it is  imperative to have knowledge of their driving record and assure that their license is current and valid with no serious infractions.  If the candidate claims to be a professional licensed caregiver, a thorough background check will also reveal whether or not they possess a current professional license, and also if it is in good standing.

Once a candidate is chosen, meets your loved one(s) and your approval, and you decide to give them a try, you may still feel a bit leery.  After all, placing your trust in a person while you are away is a very difficult thing to do.  There is nothing wrong with placing a few calls to the home during the day to “check in”, or even placing a “nanny cam” to monitor activity.  A close neighbor or family member could be asked to pay a brief and unexpected visit from time to time to determine how things are “really” going.

You could also request that one of our licensed private investigators from the Fort Myers Florida area or surrounding vicinity place the residence under surveillance for a short time to determine if children are properly supervised during outdoor play, visiting the local pool, etc.  When the caregiver takes them out in the car are they wearing seat belts? Are they being left in the car while the caregiver runs into a store?

When it comes to the safety of the ones’ that you cherish, you cannot be too careful. Contact Southwest Florida’s professional investigators at W&W Solutions Inc. @ or call us at (239) 822-0001 to begin background research on your potential caregiver today.


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